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Cabin by the Lake

Tobaski Snipes

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Filling in the gaps of public education and government services, Tobaski Snipes provides individual and group mentoring services for young adults ages 18-24. A natural coach and mentor, Tobaski uses his military training and personal passion to see others thrive as the framework for the program. Tobaski's ability to network and his involvement with numerous human services organizations and individuals who are leading grassroots programs provide him with partners that provide real-world, practical, and actionable life skills training and education and other services young people need.

Tobaski's program provides the following areas of support:

Individual Mentoring
Financial literacy
Major purchase education
Mental health, physical and emotional wellness, and fitness

Individuals in the program must submit an application and interview prior to acceptance. Eligible applicants who are admitted to the program will also have the option of housing in H3 Hall, a dormitory-style temporary home located in Kennewick WA. Maximum capacity of the hall is 15. It is a gender nonspecific facility.

The program cost is $200 per week and each program participant is required to have one hour of individual mentioning per week. Group activities and meetings with program partners are included in this fee.

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